Dr Abri de Bruin

Welcome! Please see this website as an educational reference for patients. My practice strives to offer comprehensive and individualized care in minimal access surgery, endometriosis and infertility.


  • Surgery is performed on Monday mornings, Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday, the whole day
  • You will be admitted usually into ward F on the first floor.  If this ward is full, you will be in new surgical ward on the second floor ward C
  • Telephone number for ward F | 0123674077
  • Telephone number for ward C | 0123674455
  • Visiting hours for these wards are as follows:
    • Mornings -    11h00 - 12h00
    • Afternoons -  15h00 - 16h00
    • Evenings -      19h00 - 20h00
    • Please note that children are usually not allowed in ward F as it is also the maternity ward

Authorisation and codes

  • You will receive the codes from the rooms and it is your responsibility to get authorisation as soon as possible
  • In the event of a motivation that will be required, the rooms needs to be informed to give Dr de Bruin enough time to write such a motivation
  • If you leave the authorisation for too late, there will not be enough time to write a motivation and your surgery will have to be postponed


  • Please make sure that you shave at least 2cm of the pubic hair in all cases of laparoscopy
  • If you are having a hysteroscopic procedure OTHER than just a hysteroscopy, you please need to shave the labia's as well
  • If you have surgery in the morning, please take your last food at 22h00
  • If you need to take prescription drugs, you can take them very early in the morning with a sip of water
  • If you are having your surgery in the afternoon, you must please have your last light breakfast at 06h00

In theatre

I will see you in theatre, you will have a drip put up in your right hand / arm

After surgery in the ward

  • You will always have a drip
  • Depending on the type of surgery you might also have a catheter, tampon and drain
  • In patients where it was discussed pre-operatively, you might have a colostomy bag for your bowel
  • Your family is welcome to visit you during the visiting hours
  • I will see you at least 2 times a day till you are discharged

At home

  • Please do not stay in bed the whole time as that increases the risk of clots in your legs
  • If surgery was performed to your bowel, I would suggest a diet of fish, chicken or meat in the form of meatballs or mince
  • You can stay at home for the time we discussed pre-operatively and that can be adjusted individually

Your wounds

  • Please take the plasters off the first morning after arriving home and then clean the wounds daily and you can put bandaid plasters on to cover the sutures
  • The sutures I will remove in the rooms a week after your surgery
  • You need to contact the rooms to make an appointment to discuss the surgery findings as well as the operative pictures

What if I am worried about something?

You immediately contact the rooms and if it is after hours, please contact

Kloof casualties at :

  • 012 367 4004 or
  • Ward F at 012 3674077